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Be Mate


starsApartamentos turísticos

peopleMediana (50-199 empleados)


BeMate is an international, young company. Born as part of the Room Mate Hotels Group, it is now flying solo. We provide unique apartments with hotel services, in the best cities of the world. It combines the best of a home with all the benefits of a hotel, in one place. How do we do that?

- offering only unique apartments with high standards of design and quality in the best areas of town
- providing the safety net of having a hotel nearby that will look after you
- removing uncertainty from the rental process (who will give me the keys when I arrive? What if I’m late? Will the apartment be like the pictures?)
- providing a consistent experience every time
- providing integrated, a-la-carte additional services

We are currently present in 8 cities and are growing fast!

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